Students Leaders

Karishama Vahora - Youth Organizer W/OneAmerica/ Evergreen High School (HSD401) Alumni, Faviola Ruvalcaba - Community Engagement Coordinator for Young Women Empowered (Y-WE), Efrain Lopez - Current student and current leader, Lacey Huynh - Student, Artist, and Fighter, Khatami Chau - youth organizer/community advocate w/SDOT, Abel Berhan - the epitome of black excellence, Elizabeth Bibb - Army recruit and Wolverine Wrestler, Michele Mojarro Salcedo – future nurse serving the White Center community, Lisa Marie Nguyen - recent graduate of THE Western Washington University and Alumni of Evergreen High School (EHS)-HS3.

Civic Leaders

King County Young Democrats, One America Vote, Joe Nguyen-Washington State Senator, 34th District, Krystal Marx - City Council Member, City of Burien, Jimmy Matta - First Latino Mayor, City of Burien, Pedro Olguin - City Council Member, City of Burien, Austin Bell - Deputy Mayor, City of Burien; Velma Veloria -first Asian American woman to be elected to the Washington State Legislature, Sharon Tomiko Santos - Washington State House of Representatives since 1998 and current House Education Committee Chair, Mia Gregerson - House of Representative, 33rd District; Joe McDermott -  King County Council Member, District 8.

Community Leaders

Sili Savusa - Former Executive Director of White Center Community Development Association Executive/Former Highline School District 1 Board of Director, Tyrone Curry - Highline School District 1 Board of Director, coach, and mentor, Pat Thompson - Executive Director Co- Founder of YES Foundation of White Center, EHS Wolverine Booster Club President, Theari Leng - Ayah-Dom of White Center, Janice Young – business owner, Justin Cox - The protector and champion of the youth in our community, Profe, Jesus Y. Rodriguez - community organizer, philosopher, elder, Mexican immigrant, father of three wonderful children and husband, Mel Ponder - Daughter, sister, and parent of four and Chuva the dog, Roxana Pardo Garcia - is a self-identifying Xicana Mujerista.


Michelle Haughton - Superintendent Family Action Committee Member, Romelia Santos, Keilah Paul, Benavides Family-- 52 year resident of White Center, Slate Family - my manang and nené, Kathy Woodward - Mother, wife, protector, The Clever Bunch.

Educational Leaders

I am extremely proud to accept the endorsement from the Highline Education Association for Highline School Board Position 1.

Jennifer Fichamba - advocate, college and career yoda, in education union, Chris DuBois - Special Education Teacher/Coach, Joanne Glasgow -Evergreen HS legacy, Carrie O'Brien, Gerald Carrell (teacher, Evergreen High School) - artist, coach, educator, Roderick Booker(College and Career Leader, Evergreen HS) and Auntie Chel (CSF HERO Advisor Mother of Aaron's future flower girl.), Norma Barrineau & Kelley Schottle High School and Middle Administrators, Christian Tautua – Teacher and coach.


Mom-Madre, Dad - "Don Game”, Big Bro, Hermano, Hermana, Tia Prieta, Mendoza family, POTUS PENNY, Cheeka Family, Luna

Paid for by Aaron Garcia For Highline School District 401, Director District 1

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